Farmer Wholesale Prices

DEM gladly supports large farmers with offering wholesale prices for bulk orders . Please read restrictions below.

Farmer Wholesale Price Sheet
Case/Size Wholesale
Lush Roots 840 8 lbs. 300.00
Lush Roots 840 30 lbs. 1,100.00
Radiant Green 8 lbs. 185.00
Radiant Green 30 lbs. 610.00
Fat Flowers 8 lbs. 185.00
Fat Flowers 30 lbs. 610.00
Brilliant Black 8 lbs. 100.00
Brilliant Black 30 lbs. 255.00
Natural Mistik 8 lbs. 195.00
Natural Mistik 30 lbs. 630.00
Essential Cocoa 8 lbs. 160.00
Herbal Essential Cocoa 7 lbs. 240.00
Essential Cocoa Chia 8 lbs. 260.00

** This wholesale price sheet is for bulk orders directly to Farmers only. Please order directly through DEM Minimum order is 1,800.00 for initial order. You will receive a DEM wholesale account number. Please use your account number for all future orders. There is no min. order from this price sheet once you have a wholesale account number with DEM

**Shipping is not included in the sale. 5-10% of the total sale will be added for shipping fees, depending on distance of shipment.

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