Pure Certified farms

MoonGazer Flower Farm

MoonGazer Flower Farm is dedicated to the practice and education of no-till, closed loop, regenerative, biodynamic farming methods in an effort to revolutionize the way the world grows food and medicine. In addition to clean, pure cannabis flowers and fruits and vegetables, we grow nettles, comfrey and a wide assortment of other biodynamic accumulator compost crops for onsite nutrition and biomass to build our soil and give back to Mother Earth, who gives us so much! It saves money sure, but it also happens to produce the cleanest food and medicine possible. We are blessed to be in the company of two draft horses, Lola and Baloo, and three beautiful goats. We are madly in love with red wigglers and we are in the planning phases of creating a worm farm. To us, they are a symbol of the soil food web, which is so critical and a big focus of our farm. Cheers!  


Black Fox Farms

Black Fox Farms strives to cultivate in a way that respects the natural order and cycles of our Mother. We are an integrated, diverse, and unique family farm, blessed with the coastal maritime influence and the Redwood Forest as our neighbors. We grow from seed, utilizing compost and castings that we make a short wheelbarrow ride away from the garden, from locally available waste and forest byproducts. We aim for closed loop fertility and we believe that regenerative agriculture will save the world and the human experiment. We are stoked to provide habitat for biodiversity, pollinators, and wildlife, while we grow food, medicine, and more in our backyard. We are absolutely thrilled to be DEM Pure Certified. We love to farm and we love Cannabis. We hope that you do too!



Boomspharm is located in Southern California. We are Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certified. The D.E.M. certification goes "Beyond Organic" -in the matter that we focus on soil microbiology. Knowing what's in your soil, allows the farmer to be confident, that he/she, is going to increase the nutrient density in the plants cultivated. Integrated Pest Fungi Management Program by D.E.M. allows us to remain pest/mold free. We specialize in self sustaining practices; aquaponic systems, pure soil, cover crop blends, fungi integration, drought tolerant cultivation, & tissue culture. Diversity in the soil and studies, allows us to explore new areas of symbiotic relationships, between soil & plants.
boomspharminc@gmail.com Visit our website   www.boomspharm.org or 


Grownwell Farms


Black Sheep Organics

Natural, beyond sustainable, regenerative, and consciously minded cultivation practices. Pure medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Specializing in soil building, compost, vermicompost, Korean Natural Farming, and permaculture to bring the finest natural cannabis, herbs, food, and botanicals to our local community. It is our mission to share our passion and knowledge with all of those looking for a more natural, ethical, pure way of life.




Biovortex is a biologically minded art project dedicated to influencing the cannabis industry towards a regenerative future. The way we farm has the power to breathe new life into the land or deplete it. We choose to play a healing role by working with nature and developing closed loop systems that take advantage of on-site resources. Our cultivation strategies are based in soil building, rainwater catchment, wildcraft ferments, biodynamic composting, mulching, companion planting, poly culture, huglekulture, and promoting native biodiversity. We believe the highest quality pure medicine is achieved through theses practices.

We are also dedicated to breeding in the quest to work with nature to bring about new medicinally desirable cultavors that display resistance and health. We are proud to be a certified Watershed Conscious Property by High Tide Permaculture and certified Pure by DEM


Canna Cruz Gardens inc

Michael Owens, Canna Cruz Gardens inc. & Wildcrafted Seed co. | Based in the Santa Cruz mountains, Owens utilizes native California soil, flora & fauna in a regenerative 'Wildcrafted' practice. A cultivation approach that helps build biodynamic soils, aids plants natural defense mechanisms and greatly increases the medicinal qualities of Cannabis with award winning results.


Dos Perros


Farmer Mary Jane

We are dedicated to producing beyond organic cannabis with as minimal impact to the environment as possible utilizing Korean Natural Farming, No-Till, and Permaculture techniques. We cultivate in small batches and each plant is cared for individually to ensure that we produce the highest quality and cleanest meds possible. Nothing is wasted and no corners are ever cut and all attempts are made to be as sustainable as possible and that will never change!


Coastal Seeds


Jasmine Farms

Located in the foothills in Northern California ~ Jasmine Farms is DEM PURE & Certified Organic by CCOF. We specialize in Medicinal herbs and Goji Berry plants.

Sudarshan Botanicals

Founded in 2006 in Nevada County, Ca. Sudarshan is focused on reduced carbon footprint Cannabis production. Sudarshan can be translated as the ‘garden of the medicine Buddha. As the founder my background is in permaculture and sustainable farming and living practices and 24 years of Cannabis cultivation. At Sudarshan we utilize Forever Flowering Greenhouse’s automated light dep structures and grow in living soil with the assistance of Dragonfly Earth Medicine. We have been DEMPure certified since 2015 and are in the process of becoming certified through The Cannabis Conservancy.


Nomads Landing

~ Elevating Expectations ~
Certified by LivingOrganicSoil.org and Dragonfly Earth Medicine DEM PURE, founding member of California Growers Association and Emerald Grown Co-op, Nomad's Landing Farm strives to provide specialized artisan “Living Organic Soil” worm castings, natural farming inputs, farm blended living soils, and LOS/KNF/DEM PURE regenerative farming consultations. Nomad's Landing Craft Farm offers PURE craft cannabis flowers.
Rescued and embraced by a community of reknowned cannabis farmers, Nomad's Landing cultivates and brings to you, the world famous Mendocino County Terrior by using an array of alternative, closed-loop natural farming practices that benefit and embrace our environment.
Our passion is to manifest an experience of Sun grown, hand-crafted, medicinal excellence from the composing of raw soil ingredients to value added proven practices, with the final intent of elevating your expectations.

We love what we do,
and we do what we love.


Sun Grown Medicinals

Sun Grown Medicinals is a small family farm that strives to provide California Patients safe access to pure, clean medicinal cannabis. We are committed to producing the highest quality sun grown medicinal cannabis using only the most pure and sustainable practices. Our farm is completely off the grid and run on solar power. We believe the best medicinal cannabis is produced in thriving diverse and dynamic ecosystems. For this reason, we use biodynamic no-till living soil and Integrated Pest and Fungal Management methods in our gardens without relying on harsh toxins or heavy doses of fertilizer. We specialize in breeding medicinal cannabis varietals and preserving unique cannabis gene pools specifically bred for exquisite flower and hashish production. We do this work in recognition of the wisdom of our ancestors and in hope that we can follow in the traditions of the many medicinal cannabis consuming cultures who have preceded us and who have passed on the responsibility of continuing these sacred traditions.


East Born West Grown


Ogre Farms - @ogrefarms.


Chalawa Farms

Chalawa Farms is a small family farm located in the foothills of the Sierras in Northern California. We strive to cultivate the highest quality cannabis in the most environmentally conscious manner possible. Our method incorporates the use of live raw tea brews, fermented plant extracts, probiotics and cover cropping, along with extensive soil building and a rigorous IPM (Integrated Pest Management) regimen. These practices result in clean, pure, award-winning sun-grown medicine for California patients. As mindful stewards of our earth, we love the life we live and live the life we love.


Ganja Ma Gardens

Dragonfly Europe

Dragonfly Europe is the distribution and education arm of Dragonfly Earth Medicine in Europe. We are based in the United Kingdom, supplying grow shops, end users and all farmers. We have had rave reviews from Onion and other Vegetable Competition winners about the effectiveness of our bacterias and plant based products.

We also provide other amendments and high grade organic ingredients like molasses, biochar, bokashi and aloe powder.

Please email us on info@dragonflyeurope.com for further information.

Green Source Gardens

Green Source Gardens is a cannabis flower producing family farm whose top priority is responsible and regenerative agricultural practices that focus on principles rooted in a healthy respect for all living things. The gardens at GSG serve as examples for a new type of commercial production that is more concerned with ecological health over production levels. The Green Source Gardens family is committed to education and sharing their journey into understanding how to manage health and fertility without the need for any commercialized products. The backbone of their fertility is sourced through managing a diverse herd of livestock in a forest dominant setting. GSG grows all their plants from seed in the native soil, under the sun, in poly cultures, with natural cycles and creates all their own fertility on their 80 acre farm in the mountains of Southern Oregon.


Gnome Grown Organics

The Gnome Grown team has been growing some of the finest cannabis in the Pacific NW for more than 25 years. During this time, we have developed a unique growing style that produces exceptionally healthy plants and remarkably resinous flowers utilizing all natural and organic inputs. Our focus is on living soil - modeled closely to the processes we learn directly from Mother Nature. We hold ourselves to the highest environmental standards, utilizing biodynamic principles and closed-loop systems minimizing the carbon footprint of every plant that we grow. We strive to lead by example in the ever-expanding cannabis community, working to educate consumers and growers alike as to the ecological benefits and superior quality potential of our sustainable grow model.


Black Ram Organics

Black Ram Farms is a craft farm that use the sun as much as possible. We specialize in seed to nail solvent less, and full melt Ice water hash, big outdoor plants, and soon genetics. Slowly we will transfer to light dep all the while trying to help people, and bring a new age perspective to the business.

@black_ram_farms_Instagram  www.blackramfarms.com coming soon.

KushSYNdicate Farms

KushSYNdicate is a farmer with one thing in mind -quality. Relying on natural processes in living soil, we regularly achieve true genetic potential. No chemical sprays, and absolutely NO synthetics..... We take great pride in closed loop practices, compost making, mulching, and establishing diverse cover crop -indoors and out. Plants grow other plants better than anything else, and from our experience -diversity is KING!

Acutely aware of poor agricultural practices around the globe; effecting our minds, bodies, and environment -We choose to stand up against conventional farming by educating via example.

We want to commend Dragonfly Earth Medicine, and recognize them for truly pioneering a strong certificate with PURE intentions and integrity. Count us in! -KushSYNdicate

You can get involved with us at instagram.com/KushSYNdicate

Eugreen Organics


Emerald Valley Organics


Happy Plants


White Rose Gardens


TKO Reserve

Founded in 2012 in the lush Pacific Northwest, TKO Reserve is dedicated to enhancing the land in harmony with our surrounding ecosystem. We strive to be a positive influence in the cannabis community, while creating a positive image for the general public in this new age of cannabis legalization. Focused on providing sun-grown elite cannabis genetics for Washington and Oregon, we believe that the quality of our inputs directly effects the quality of our final products. Turnkey Organics (TKO) is a family farm that approaches cannabis cultivation with holistic and regenerative practices, specializing in companion planting, cover crops, plant fermentation and dynamic compost teas. We draw inspiration from the traditional practice of botanical medicine and utilize wisdom perfected over many millennia. Cleanliness, strategic design and dynamic sustainable structures are foundations for our cannabis facilities. With a solid infrastructure, we have manifested quality control policies that ensure safe and effective medicine with environmental consciousness. Our cannabis thrives with the dedication, love and commitment to purity in every aspect of our regenerative system.




Greenlife productions


Anbessa Organics


Jah Gardens


Dr. Dankman


Nikka T & Abba Zabba


Rocky Mountain Natural Farming

Gage Green Group

Gage Green Group focuses on promoting natural health and medicinal cannabis. In the Gage Green Gardens, we constantly seek a more symbiotic way of living in order to for our people, our animals and our plants to thrive. We utilize pure and regenerative practices to create dynamic gardens. By growing our plants with nature, we can provide medicine with soul. Join our journey into the untold wonders of our universe! www.gagegreen.org


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