Dragonfly Earth Medicine Garden Products are blended specifically for to provide beneficial microbial food. DEM's herbal inoculants provide raw nutritional material for microbes. Dragonfly Earth Medicine is made from 100% plant based, regenerative ingredients. Every garden product is an ideal base for any regenerative tea brew, bokashi, or soil mix. We believe that plants love a vegetarian, superfood diet. We encourage people to use DEM products with raw plant material to bring more life into your gardens. All of our ingredients are fully sustainable , regenerative and made in small handmade batches in Oregon. We have chosen every ingredient carefully for it's prebiotic qualities and medicinal properties. We are creating herbal alchemy that is good for your gardens, worms, microbes.

Plant Feeding Using our products as a Soil amendment is a great way to start. When mixing your soil you can dust in Lush Roots, Brilliant Black, Radiant Green and Fat Flowers. Mix thoroughly throughout the soil. By doing this you are inoculating your soil with nutrients and bacteria. DEM products will keep nutrients in the soil throughout the whole plant's life cycle while nourishing the biological root zone. We believe "Biological Beyond Regenerative" farming is an extremely important practice to achieve supercharged boosted plants and gardens. Making Garden Brews with the Fat Flowers or Radiant Green is another great way to expand your microbial colony. Adding raw plant material to those brews will increase your volume of nutrients. We encourage making raw plant teas with DEM products.

Radiant Green~Can be used as a tea, soil amendment. Use Radiant Green tea for every watering (or less depending on your soil mix) through the entire vegetative cycle AND after gardens are in flower/fruiting for 2 weeks. Can be used in hydroponic Dewey Mister. Strain for all other hydroponics and aero.

Fat Flowers~ Can be used as a tea or soil amendment. Use Fat Flowers tea along with the Radiant Green tea for 3 consecutive feedings BEFORE start of fruiting/flowering cycle. Feed Fat Flowers tea every feeding throughout flowering/fruiting cycle. Can be used in hydroponic Dewey Mister. Strain for all other hydroponics and aero.

Natural Mystik~ Can be foliar sprayed directly on plants and top of soil everyday up until 2-3 weeks before harvest. Spray heavily on the New and Full Moon. It is best to use foliar spray in the mornings and evenings. Full contact spray the bottom of each leaf systematically for 3 weeks or more to make a difference. Foliar for microbial colonization on leaves, foliar nutrient uptake and leaf clean.

Brilliant Black~ Use as a tea addition, follow above brew times and recipes or use as a soil amendment. Add to garden tea/brew every other feeding or use as a dry amendment directly in your soil mixture.

Lush Roots~ Use as a tea addition, soil amendment, foliar and dust directly on roots when transplanting/cloning. Add to tea/brew blend every 2 weeks throughout plant's life cycle( New and Full Moon are best). Blend in with tea brew after brew is finished, agitate and let set 2 hours before drenching. Use as a dry amendment directly in your soil mixture and/or dust stems of clones and new roots before putting into cloner or soil. For Aero, make into a tea and direct spray.

DEM Ratios
**All DEM inoculants are best when brewed with worm castings (1/4 cup per gallon) and molasses (1tsp. per gallon). When you use raw plants/ can reduce your Fat Flowers and Radiant Green by half.**

Radiant Green and Fat Flowers
Brew with worm castings and molasses for 48 hours. Use a aeration stone, dewey mister or stir 100 times each way 2 times a day.
2 tablespoons per gallon
1/2 lb. for 30 gallons
3/4 lb. 50 gallons
2 1/2 lbs. 100 gallons
3 1/2 lbs. 250 gallons

Brilliant Black can be used in every tea brew.
1 teaspoon per gallon
2/3 cup per 30 gallons
1 cup per 50 gallons

Natural Mistik
Brew in warm environment or use warm water to help release the oils in this blend.
2 tablespoons per gallon
1/2 lb. for 30 gallons
3/4 lb. 50 gallons
2 1/2 lbs. 100 gallons

Lush Roots840
Blend in your already brewed tea or just with H2O. Stir well, let set for 2 hours and drench. This brew is only needed every 2 weeks, up until 2 weeks before harvest.
1 tablespoon per gallon
1/3 lb. per 30 gallons
1/2 lb. per 60 gallons
3/4 lb. per 100 gallons
1 1/2 lb. per 250 gallons

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