DEM Pure Commitment

A DEM Pure Certificate redefines what the Cannabis industry sees as pure, clean medicine. Cannabis has had many generations of being demonized, ostracized and misunderstood. We are now out of prohibition with a wonderful opportunity to create our own standards and expectations on how medicine should be treated, grown and perceived. A Pure certification involves education and the highest of beyond regenerative gardening standards with nature as a guide. This certification is an agreement, a mutual understanding of true health and commitment to safe guard the integrity of this master plant’s reputation. This commitment is sought after and given to gardeners that are already on the path of ecological regeneration, growing of high quality healthy medicine and food and education to the next generation of healthy cannabis growers. Having a DEM Pure cert recognizes that a farmer is utilizing solely regenerative and biologically intelligent practices. We are is acting as a steward to the land, soil, plants and the humans that are part of the cycle of natural health. A DEM Pure certified farmer is giving back to the community through education, sharing ideas and encouraging an expansion of knowledge to those that are just learning. They are leaders and teachers of beyond regeneratives that uses nature as a guide for his/her techniques. This certificate is not comparable to any regenerative certification. It encompasses mindfulness and practices that derive from nature, community building, sharing of ideas and techniques, care taking patients and your workers. It is not meant to comply with any other certificate. It does not require the use of DEM products. It recognizes the highest growing practices for healthy, clean medicine.

DEM Pure expectations
  • Absolutely no synthetics. Nothing chemical based. Earth based nutrients only.
  • No Hydroponic growing. This is a soil only certificate. Plants grow in soil in nature. Pure Certification Expectations:
  • Must be care taking the garden/ farm/ property to become more sustainable and and ecologically sound. always thinking up better way to do things.
  • Having mindfulness about all garden inputs. All inputs are regenerative and healthy for the plants, the earth and the patients. Taking time to look up origin of inputs and what impact it has on the earth and humans.
  • All finished products must be at a fair price.
  • Waste not. Try not to waste material in your gardens that can be reused. Use outside sources of healthy, regenerative material to put into your systems. Create home made systems and ideas.
  • See your gardening as a Dharma or service to humanity and the earth. Gardening is one of the single biggest acts of protest for consumerism. It allows for community and self sustainability on large and small scales.
  • Treat workers and patients with kindness, respectfulness and fairness. Instilling confidence and education on cannabis and beyond regenerative gardening practices.
  • Have a Integrated pest program that is diverse and uses only natural cures. When the going gets tough with unbeneficial pests or microbes, never diverting from what is right over what is right now. This is a commitment that takes educating yourself through each new problem or issue that comes up. It is not symptomatic or allopathic and full of easy cures. It looks at the whole picture and only adds things that benefit the whole, to just a part of it.
  • Agrees to share recipes, practices, techniques with other DEM Pure certified gardeners.

  • Ice water extraction methods are clean and potent, allowing high quality terpene profiles.
  • Alcohol extractions (ACO) made from pure grain alcohol
  • Tinctures
  • steam extracted essential oils
  • Rosin Tech
  • Oil infusions.
  • medibles.
  • Super critical CO2 methods are allowed, and are a high grade botanical extract.

Not Allowed
  • No hydrocarbon solvent extractions. These practices harm the earth and have a high chance of harming patients.
  • Using at least 85% plant based nutrients and soil additives. Only 15% of your inputs can be animal products and we encourage you to KNOW your sources. **If you are using animal products in your closed loop system (ex., aquaponics, livestock manure) then you can use any amount you want.**.
  • Have a garden that is for many patients. We will certify dispensary gardens, medical facilities and breeding gardens that will be used for medical gardens. We do not certify personal gardens.
  • Having food growing on the property Closed:

Closed Loop Education and Implementation:
  • Must use at least 6 closed loop practices. Here is the systems we recognize as a closed loop system. ..
  • Composted leaf material worm farm: Recycle all your cannabis leaf material and/or plant based nutrients grown in or on farm/facility grounds. Canna castings are filled with all of the important nutrients that a cannabis plant wants. Reusing these leaves to be easily turned into casting that can be used as a soil ingredient, tea additive or top dressing. Excess leaves can also be composted into a huge pile with equal amounts of brown material to the leaves, add beneficial inoculants,

Allows for chipping and shredding of the stalks and roots to be used as a soil ingredient. This is wonderful initial aeration amendment. It turns to dirt within 3 complete cycles. Adding stalk and root matter often is a great way to aerate your soil and add important nutrients. Plants benefit greatly from decomposing there own matter, feeding the soil food web-micro organism colonies.

Plants benefit greatly from decomposing there own matter, feeding the soil food web-micro organism colonies.

Growing your own Nutrients: A farm or facility can easily grow their own nutrients and/or responsibility wildcraft plant to be used for nutrients. Dedicating an area, plot, pots (either inside or outside) for growing of your own nutrients. Utilizing what you grow or what is grown on your property in your tea brews, soil layering and/or soil ingredient. Perennial plants can be easily grown and harvested several times in small plots, pots and bags. Dedicating a small area to grow your own plants can easily be done.

Live Raw Tea Brews:
Fermentation, using cannabis leaf, weeds or any cultivated plants for the purpose of feeding your plants. This area also includes sprouting seeds and nuts with the intention of using as an ingredient for feeding your plants. Following strict fermentation practices and the addition of beneficial inoculants to help breakdown the plants to make nutrients readily available to your next crop.

Agri-Cultures Inoculants:
Creating your own beneficial cultures that are used in the fermentation of raw plants and for adding beneficials on leaf surface and soils. Making your own inoculants is easy and can be used to increase the biological intelligence of your gardens by adding beneficial microbes. Used as a ingredient to tea brews, fermentation and soil building. An example of these inoculant concentrates are FPE, FPJ, Activated EM, EM-5, calcium extractions, fermenting your own soils and bokashi.

Soil Building/Re Using soils:
Soil building is a key component to a successful grow. Building a biologically active soil, to keep it healthy throughout the entire life of your garden/facility. When you treat soil like a living entity and feed it healthy food, it will produce healthy, potent, heavy yields for every crop. Soils get better and better with age. Using garden beds/trenchs for indoor and making sure to go in to the ground or raised beds for outdoor plants.

Myco Remediation:
Utilizing any symbiotic decomposing fungi, for soil conditioning, soil remediation, and Co2 exchange. Garden Giant ( King Stropharia) for example is a mycorrhizal fungi, that is an incredible decomposer of plant material, while cleaning and remediating soils. Use garden giants in garden beds to enhance the growth, and general health of the soil. Buying spawn from a healthy source, preparing the beds to grow the mushrooms fruits tothen be eaten at your table is a wonderful closed loop that benefits so many parts of your facility.

Cover cropping:
Cover cropping is a great and easy way to boost nutrients in your soil for your microbiology and plants. Sprinkling seeds and sprouting them brings airborne nutrients directly into the top layer of soil which is the most biologically diverse part of the soil. It aerates the top layer of soil and adds instant food to the upper layer. It is easy to grow out a pot, trench or raised beds right at the base of your plants. Collecting seed from just a few plants that you grow for nutrients, will provide your cover crop for a entire season. There are many different cover crops that can be used for different cycles.

Water Recycling:
Building and implementing appropriate rain catchment systems and steps to conserve water. Watch your water flow throughout the whole year to gather important information about your water use. Using conservation methods, such as, mulches, cover crops and other water saving tactics. Re using your ice extract water is fantastic way to reuse your water. It not only is immediately available, it also contains valuable nutrients, trichomes and terpenes that are a great food for your gardens. Using efficient watering methods to minimize water run off and overall use.

Soil food web education:
Educate your crew on the importance of a living and thriving rhizosphere. It is a basic paradigm/mind change that focuses on the microbial feeding diet and schedule. Allowing the microbes to feed the plants and your focusing on the thriving health of the microbes and their health. Taking time to educate yourself and teach carbon to fuel metabolism of beneficial microbial colonies and the understanding of the living soil food web is a form of seeing the garden as a whole to treat the whole if there is a pathogen attack. Finding balance that your soil will need to grow optimal medicine and yields.

Utilizing the earth’s humidity and temperature is a great way to save money and headaches of keeping a facility or greenhouse environment constant and in check. Geothermal offers coolness in the summer and can mimic air-conditioning unit for min. cost. In winter months, the earth’s constant (52 degrees ) , just 5- 11 ft. beneath the top layer of soil, can keep your greenhouses warm enough to grow 4 seasons. Creativity with geothermal is possible in every grow facility and can be set up with min effort and cost.

We require 6 closed loop systems to receive a certification and we hope that you would continue to add more and more closed loops to increase the health and biological intelligence of your garden. We have listed only a very few closed loops and hope for Pure certified farms and facilities to increase what we even see as possible for the future. Closed loops are a very effective way to keep pathogens out of your gardens because everything that you need is available right there and was manufactured right there. If you cannot grow all of your own nutrients and reuse your soil in large beds, then it is imperative to only bring in whole foods as nutrients and making teas or top dressings for nutrients. Many products list every single ingredient on their labels it is important that every ingredient is listed on the label and there is no inert ingredient that is not explained. Ask questions, call manufacturers and find out exactly what is in the nutrients that you buy. Microbes are very sensitive and even small amounts of preservatives used in “regenerative” products can harm their colonization. Foliar sprays must be researched before spraying and cyano leaf microbiology must be taken into account with everything that is sprayed on the leaf structure. If you do not know if a product is harmful, please ask another DEM Pure certified farmer or ask us. We are happy to research and find out about a product. We do not want to list all the products you can use because we think it is important to be scrupulous and find out info for yourself. Care about your inputs like you would care about what you put in your own body. If you do not care about what you put in your body, then maybe this cert is not for you. This certification is a wholistic idea. It encompasses the whole picture. It looks at every aspect of your garden and your business and you self regulate to decide if you are in agreement to our expectations. The community decides on changes to these expectations. This certificate will always be changing because we want to get better at understanding the best way to cultivate this amazing medicinal. We are building community through healthy gardening practices.

A DEM Pure certificate is beyond regeneratives. We hope for it to be a tool for communities to recognize the cream of the crop growers for their excellence in maintaining and furthering their role as stewards to the self, plant, soil and earth. We are leaders in the cannabis community and industry. DEM Pure is a way of gardening without chemicals, bottled nutrients, overuse of animal products and earth mined minerals. Having a deep understanding of the way the living soil feeds all life and helping that living soil become healthier. Cultivating the love of cannabis and gratitude for all that it has given humanity. DEM Pure gardens are dedicated to the plant world and want to see it thrive naturally.

A Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certificate can be used by the company/gardener for proof of high quality pure medicine an regenerative growing practices. It is a free certificate and it is only allowed to be used when you are in agreement and the strictest of self regulation with the expectations of this certificate.

**If you feel you already are compliant and would like to have a certificate, you will need to set up a interview with a DEM family member. If you are not compliant but want to become more compliant, feel free to email us and we are happy to help you directly or reach out to another DEM Pure certified gardener for help.**

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