Consulting and Education Agreement

Dragonfly Earth Medicine Consulting Education encompasses many facets of a cannabis grow facility.

We offer our clients a full spectrum education on facilitating and implementing systems that work for their own unique situations and facilities. DEM is able to help with dreaming and then drawing systems for the land, buildings, greenhouse and internal design with sustainable technologies and practices at the forefront. Our goal is to help our clients be successful with creating a money saving foundation and high quality end products that have their patient's/ customer's health and wellbeing as the cornerstone. DEM has over 25 years of experience in regenerative farming, cannabis growing and sustainable agricultural practices. We have come to all of our recipes, practices, techniques, mishaps and successes through direct, hands on experience and studying other ancient cultural farming techniques and current scientific microbial discoveries. Our goal is to educate each facility/client until they feel confident, on their own, that they can use the techniques and practices that have been taught by DEM. Our final goal is to certify each company that uses our services a Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certificate that can be used by the company for marketing or proof of high quality regenerative medicine and sustainable growing practices.

Direct services DEM offers to each of our clients:

Closed Loop Education and Implementation:
We teach our clients about what it means to have a closed loop system and how to create and use that system. There are many closed loops systems that are easy to implement for outdoor gardens, greenhouse gardens and indoor gardens.

Composted leaf material worm farm:
Gives the ability to recycle all your cannabis leaf material and/or plant based nutrients grown in or on farm/facility grounds. DEM can help with drawings and placement of the worm farm. Canna castings are filled with all of the important nutrients that a cannabis plant wants. Reusing these leaves to be easily turned into casting that can be used as a soil ingredient, tea additive or top dressing.

Allows for the chipping and shredding of the stalks and roots to be used as a soil ingredient. This is wonderful initial aeration amendment. It turns to dirt within 3 complete cycles. Adding stalk and root matter often is a great way to aerate your soil and also add important nutrients.
Plants benefit greatly from decomposing there own matter, feeding the soil food web micro organisms and expanding their colonies.

Growing your own nutrients and/or using landscape/weeds on the farm or facility:
Dedicating an area, plot, pots (either inside or outside) for going of your own nutrients. Utilizing what you grow or what is grown on your property in your tea brews, soil layering and/or soil ingredient. Perennial plants can be easily grown and harvested several times for teas. DEM will help with plant species and education of plant properties at will thrive in each facility/farm.

Live Raw Tea Brews:
DEM will help the clients understand the basic concepts of fermentation, ordering Using cannabis leaf, ice extract leaf and left over ice extract water, weeds or any cultivated plants for the purpose of feeding your plants. We can help you understand how to use your cultivated plants or wildcrafted on your property for ferments and brews. This area also includes sprouting seeds and nuts with the intention of using as an ingredient for feeding your plants. Sprouting contains valuable enzymes that give health and vitality to your plants.

We educate and share recipes of beneficial anaerobic cultures used in the fermentation of plants for nutrients. How you can use these as an ingredient to tea brews, fermentation and soil building. We also educate your team on the use of AACT and the many different types of tea brews that are possible with your live raw teas. We will take the time to explain how to make nutrient extracts and concentrates like FPE, FPJ, Activated EM, EM-5, calcium extractions and bokashi.

Soil Building/Re Using soils:
Soil building is a key component to a successful grow. DEM will help the client in the decision and education on the use of pots, trenches, or raised beds. We can help draw plant lay out and design that makes her most sense with the layout of the land (permaculture) and building layout. We will educate and share recipes on soils. Teach your team on how to build a biologically active soil, how to keep it healthy and how to re-use it so it gets better and better. We can educate your team on No-Till principles, methods and help with garden beds/trenche layout for No-Till. We can help with recipes and basic feeding program for No-Till. We prefer raised beds for this program.

Myco Remediation:
Utilizing any symbiotic decomposing fungi, for soil conditioning, soil remediation, and Co2 exchange. Garden Giant ( King Stropharia) for example is a mycorrhizal fungi, that is an incredible decomposer of plant material, while cleaning and remediating soils. We use garden giants in our garden beds, enhancing the growth, and general health of the plant. DEM can share spawn to colonize your garden beds or for remediation of soil on your property.

Cover cropping:
Cover cropping brings airborne nutrients directly into the top layer of soil which is the most biologically diverse part of the soil. It aerates the top layer of soil and adds instant food for your upper layer of soil. DEM can help with basic education of the important of sprouts. It is used as a mulch when it gets over 3 inches. It is easy to grow out a pot, trench or raised beds right at the base of your plants. Collecting seed from just a few plants will provide your cover crop for a entire season. This is a easy way to grow your own nutrients and build soil.

Water Recycling:
DEM will educated and create drawings on site appropriate rain catchment systems and steps to conserve water. We will use basic principles of permaculture to watch your water flow throughout the whole year to gather important information about your water use. Using conservation methods, such as, mulches, cover crops and other water saving tactics. Re using your ice extract water is a fantastic way to reuse your water. It not only is immediately available, it also contains valuable nutrients, trichomes and terpenes that are a great food for your gardens. Using efficient watering methods to minimize water run off.

Soil food web education:
DEM will educate your crew on the importance of a living and thriving rhizosphere. It is a basic paradigm/mind change that focuses on the microbial feeding diet and schedule. Allowing the microbes to feed the plants and have your crew feeding the microbes. We will help explain the carbon to fuel metabolism of beneficial microbial colonies. This is the green to brown/black balance that your soil will need to grow optimal medicine and yields.

Biological system:
We educate on how to properly manage biology to your best advantage. We will help you design the space needed for soil building. We will help you draw up the plans necessary to keep healthy microbes active alive and thriving in teas. Having a tea room for fermentation and AACT is the way to achieve this. Worm farms are a very important source of biology, and having a worm farm in your facility allows you to create fresh micro life, in house.
Geothemal Drawings:

Greenhouse education:
DEM provides education on the many possibilities of different greenhouse structures. From subterranean greenhouse programs, to fully automated flowering greenhouses. We discuss different materials, solar paths, solar gains, heating/cooling and directional positioning layout. Can you imagine getting 4 cycles in 1 year?

Medicinal remedy education and recipes:
Teaching the importance of clean pure extracts. Solventless extracts are important for 3 reasons 1- it creates pure medicine, no residues. 2- it's ecologically sound 3- the byproducts, hash water and flower dregs are incredibly beneficial to your cannabis gardens, creating huge monetary savings. We can share recipes for healthy potent cannabis medicines. We teach about the alchemy created when fusing cannabis plants, with medicinal mushrooms and other powerful herbs.

Terpene, cannabinoid and resin education:
DEM teaches you the importance medicinal cannabis. Terpenes, cannabinoids, trichomes and the effects they have on the body. We teach you how to create soil that enhances trichome resin production and terpene potency. We can provide education for your team about the different cannabinoids and what ratios are best for different sicknesses. We can help guide your grow to team to the appropriate strains for your patients.

Integrated pest management education and information:
DEM can help create an integrated pest management system best suited for your grow operation. We will provide troubleshooting with growers. Creating a biologically active closed loop system keeps pathogens down significantly, because healthy beneficial microbial populations keep the balance.

Ecological Responsibilities:
We hope to encourage and inspire our clients through education. The earth is currently in a dire situation, we want to put the environment and earth in the forefront of our decision making. Through clean, healthy growing habits and business practices we can do our part to create a better more healthy world to live in, while creating the highest grade medicine. We believe in karma, we get out of life what we put into it, lets make it the best!
Services DEM can source within our collective at client's request:
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Geothermal technology and implementation
  • Sourcing bulk ingredients and supplies at wholesale costs
  • Strain sourcing
  • Greenhouse design, blueprint and build.
  • Internal building designs and build
  • Educational material for growers and project managers
  • Electrical set up and technologies for environmental control
  • Forever Flowering Greenhouses, Greenhouse Technology, Light Deprivation Specialists
    (Retainer is not specified because DEM wishes to make the client feel confident in their newly learned techniques and systems).
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